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Exciting New Movies Coming This Fall...

Upset summer's over? Well these new movies should put that summer pep back in your step.

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Chills and Thrills are not just for the Summer Months...

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Hollywood seems to have stepped up it's movie game this fall. From novels to ancient lore, these movies look like exciting new thrillers that are sure to keep people at the box office for weeks to come.

The Equalizer

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Retired, ex-special operative, Robert McCall (played by Denzel Washington) is trying to live a quiet, relaxed life working at a small home improvement store in Boston. In the trailer it is quickly understood that McCall is one man with whom you do not want to cross. After a register in his store is robbed, including the clerk for her mother’s ring, McCall calmly grabs a sledgehammer from a wall in the store. The next day the clerk opens her register to find her mother’s ring and we flash to McCall wiping off the sledgehammer and returning it to its slot on the wall. One can only assume the McCall went and opened up a can of whoop ass on the robber. Well luckily we don’t have to guess for long. After a gang attacks a young girl (played by Chloë Grace Moretz) who McCall befriends in a diner, McCall exacts his revenge, taking out her attackers in an amazing display that can only be described as bad ass. Unfortunately for him, this gang was part of the Russian mafia…and they don’t take too nicely to their own being taken down. What will happen when McCall takes on the Russian mob? You’ll just have to wait until September 26 to see.

Why Should You See The Equalizer?

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Denzel Washington basically being who he plays best....a BAD ASS! It looks like he basically can't be beaten in this movie and personally I love watching Denzel play tough guy roles like this one. And a new, never before heard or released song by Eminem and Sia is also a great incentive. I for one, am excited for both.

Gone Girl

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Nick Dunne (played by Ben Affleck) is thrown into the middle of a media frenzy after reporting his wife, Amy(played by Rosamund Pike), missing on their fifth wedding anniversary. In the beginning Nick seems like a grieving husband, but soon the perfect picture he paints of his marriage to Amy begins to crumble fast as details of their disintegrating marriage begin to leak out. As Nick’s behavior grows dark and his lies pile up, everyone begins asking the same twisted question: Did Nick Dunne kill his wife? Based on the novel of the same name, Gone Girl looks like a twisted thriller mystery that will keep it’s audience guessing until the very end.

Why Should You See Gone Girl

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If you like movies that are going to keep you guessing to the very end then this is your movie. Ben Affleck looks like the perfect "did he or didn't he" suspect with a cold blooded stare that can chill anyone's blood. Neil Patrick Harris also stars in the movie playing Amy's ex who's involvement and attention to the investigation of Amy's disappearance is borderline stalkerish. Is he involved in her disappearance? All of these questions will be answered when this movie is released to theaters October 3.

Dracula Untold

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This age old tale is being re-VAMP-ed (pun TOTALLY intended) in this new movie directed by Gary Shore. Learning a bit more about the man behind the myth, this movie is the story of Vlad the Impaler (played by Luke Evans) and his fight to protect his people and his family from the sultan, Mehmed, who is fixated on conquering everything and everyone he encounters. Determined to defeat Mehmed, Vlad makes a deal with a dark vampire who gives him dangerous supernatural powers, turning him into the most famous vampire later known as Dracula. So what turns this man of honor into the bloodthirsty, dark entity everyone loves? We'll just have to wait until October 13 to find out.

Why Should You See Dracula Untold?

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Are you tired of vampires being portrayed as sexy, sparkling, angsty teenagers? Do you like history mixed with a bit of mystery and mythology? Then this origin story is for you. It's looks dark, gritty, and with enough action to get your heart racing and keep you wanting more. Also how could you not like a movie where a huge fist made of bats annihilates an entire army? That's just awesome!


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Ig Perrish (played by Daniel Radcliffe) is suspect number one for the violent rape and murder of his girlfriend, Merrin (played by Juno Temple). After one drunken night out, Ig wakes up with two horns growing out of his forehead. He soon finds out that these horns have dark powers that make people confess their sins and give over to their most selfish and hidden impulses. He uses this power to find out what happened the night his girlfriend was killed and to find out who was the one who murdered her. Prepare for your darkest secrets to be revealed when Horns is released to theaters October 31.

Why Should You See Horns?

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Horns seems to combine all the elements of romance, comedy and the supernatural into one movie. It allows it's audience to experience the hidden corners of the human soul, tumbling into darkness with the lead character as he paves his own dark path into vengeance. I know I've never seen Daniel Radcliffe play such a devastatingly twisted character and I can't wait to see it.

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