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    3 Traits That Will KILL Your Career - BuzzFeed

    You've read every development book on Amazon. You've attended various seminars, learned from the brightest in your industry, and regularly model your advisors and icons. You're following the traditional roadmap in achieving success in your career goals - and it's working.

    Except …when it isn't. Your lack of emotional intelligence is threatening to blow up your entire career.

    Here's how to avoid the pool of toxicity:

    1.Don't lose your temper. Anger is an absolute deal breaker. Who wants to be around someone unable to properly process their emotions? What does it do for you to release that onto someone else? Tip: try screaming at the top of your lungs in the shower, in a park, or in the car - tension may need to be released, and you'll probably feel way better.

    2. Pretending to be someone else. "Masks" sometimes are worn in the workplace, at social mixers, odd networking events, or those "drag your feet" team building meetings, but regularly acting like an imposter is a disaster for you and your team. No one can act more like you than YOU! You owe it to yourself to embrace your uniqueness, and you'll gain more trust and build better relationships as well. Tip: As they say: "Be yourself ... everyone else is taken!"

    3. Check your ego at the door, please. This is definitely a killer. This is the narcissist, the "better than," the "insulter" - you won't be winning with this one under your belt. This is a red flag disaster that screams "run the opposite direction." Or it were reminiscent of your six-year-old self who didn't get that favorite toy and screamed endlessly. Tip: Please try and practice some self-compassion here. Realize you're doing the best you can, and you can always choose differently.

    Steering clear of the above traits, having the awareness when these situations arise will help you navigate and even better, notice while possibly helping your fellow colleagues from crashing their ships as well. For more on enhancing your Emotional GRIT, check out Dr. Neeta Bhushan's best-selling Amazon book- Emotional GRIT: 8 steps to master your emotions, transform your thoughts, & change your world. For those of you who are curious about where your current EQ stands, take the quiz at and you'll be sure to rock those next big conversations in and out of the workplace. Cheers.

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