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15 Things Only People Who Suck At Budgeting Will Understand

"I love money, but money don't love me."

1. You find yourself saying, "I have no idea where my money goes" on the regular.

2. You spend most of your money on food.

3. You actually don't understand how other people are so good at saving.

4. Your favourite day of the week is payday.

5. Your least favourite day is the day after payday.

6. You spend the first half of the month eating out and the second half of the month surviving off tuna and PB sandwiches.

7. You have NO IDEA how all those items ended up in your online shopping cart.

8. And you're always surprised when online orders arrive at your doorstep.

9. You always tell your friends how broke you are...

10. ...but are also the first person to suggest going out.

11. You think buying things on sale means you saved money.

12. Your monthly phone bill somehow caught you by surprise again.

13. You're not proud about having to borrow money from your parents...but that doesn't exactly stop you, either.

14. You've tried giving yourself a stern talk about your spending habits...

15. ...but that all goes out the window when you get paid again.

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