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10 Things You Do When You've Forgotten Your Wallet

The epic tale of being in line at the shops to buy something, only for your worst fears to come true.

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1. You do the classic pat down.

You somehow think patting your pants again will magically make your wallet appear.

2. You politely check your bag or purse...


3. ...until you decide just to empty it on the floor in front of everyone.


"Forgot my wallet but still carry my old flip phone from 2001."

4. You hold up the line. / Via

And everyone stares at you in disgust as if they've never forgotten their wallet ever.

5. You make faces as you remember exactly where it is.


It's at home on that little wooden thing by the door that you always leave things on. Especially house keys.

6. You try to see if you have any cash on you.

Yeah, nah.

Yeah, nah.

7. You smile awkwardly at the guy serving you as you explain the situation.


"Pls halp."

8. You admit defeat and start to head home to get your wallet...

9. ...only to get home and realise you've left your house keys at the shops!


10. You laugh at the situation while trying to hide tears.

If only you had cardless cash from St.George Bank.

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