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16 Reasons Why You Should See Your Family For Christmas

Tossing up whether or not you should go home for Christmas? Of course you should.

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1. It's probably been too long.

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And we mean WAY too long. When was the last time all of your family was in the one place? Last Christmas? Yeah, we thought so.

2. The food is always better at home.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

You've never quite understood why you can't get the turkey tasting as good as when your mother makes it, but right now, you're too busy eating to care.

3. And there's always so much food!

Studio Ghibli / Via

You have no idea how anyone could have expected you to eat all this food, but you're certainly going to try.

4. Your little cousin/niece/nephew has grown so much!

BBC One / Via

What are you now? Like... 9?

Did you just say 15?!

Oh, right...

5. Giving gifts in person is much better.

Nippon Television Network System / Via

And so is receiving them. Even if they are socks... Again... Thanks Mum.

6. You can forget about your real world problems for a moment.

FOX / Via

Lost your job? Broke up with your SO? Doesn't matter, you're going home for Christmas!

7. You miss the family pet.

Walt Disney Pictures / Pixar Animation Studios / Via

And you know that loveable doofus misses you too.

8. You get to act like a kid again.

TriStar Pictures / Via

Prove yourself once more as the undisputed MarioKart champion!

9. It's fun to see that particular family member have a bit too much to drink.

New Line Cinema / Via

Looking at you, Aunt Tessa.

10. You'll save money on food.

Nickelodeon / Via

Chances are, due to your inability to cook even the simplest of dishes, your family will just organise the entire meal around you. #WINNING

11. You might just get out of the bad jobs.

Walk Disney Productions / Via

Washing the dishes? Already sorted.

Cleaning up the wrapping paper? Been covered.

Guess I'll just make sure this couch is soft enough.

12. Your family is genuinely interested in your life.

Paramount Pictures / Via

It's been ages! They want to hear every little detail about your new apartment!

13. Sometime a little too interested...

Paramount Pictures / Marvel Entertainment / Via

No, Grandpa, I still don't have a girlfriend.

No, Grandpa, I wouldn't like to hear some tips on how to find one.

14. You're not sure how many family Christmases you have left.

Warner Bros. Television / Via

And that's kinds of sad. But it also reminds you to make the most of the time that you do have.

15. Your family is entertaining in the best kind of way.

NBC / Via

Sure, sometimes they drive you crazy. But you have to admit, they give you some great stories to tell your friends.

16. They're your family!

American Broadcasting Company / Via

You only get one of them, so you might as well learn to love them.

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