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Top 10 BC Natural Resource Videos Of 2014

It's real easy to forget when you live in big cities, but the fact is that the good things in life come from natural resources. Whether you grow it, catch it, or dig it, resources are needed for EVERYTHING around us. In 2014, the Resource Works Society took the British Columbia scene by storm when it launched, calmly bringing badly needed information to light in an area that is too often dominated by shouting and polarization. Watch our 10 favourite moments.

Stewart Muir 4 years ago

A Must-See Time-Lapse Video

Starting with a rare photo Vancouver when it was a pristine wilderness, this is a fascinating time-lapse sequence showing what goes on in the city's port these days. You have to wait until nearly the end for the best part (no hints).

Stewart Muir 5 years ago

10 Remarkable Facts About British Columbia Natural Resources

One of the reasons BC is a great place to live is there are great jobs and excellent schools and hospitals. And guess what? One of the major reasons we have those things is a healthy, innovative natural resource sector. By leading the world in our safe extraction, processing, and shipment of goods to make things with, we are supporting jobs and healthy families.

Stewart Muir 5 years ago

8 Stunning Charts About The Future Of Canadian Energy

The Canadian oil industry has released its 2014 forecasts for the next 16 years up to 2030. The analysis contains a number of infographics that in some instances are quite surprising.

Stewart Muir 5 years ago