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    • SteveOrr

      TLDR-gays & food.  In all seriousness, this list is pretty disappointing. Started off well, the climate & dot-com culture in the Bay Area are really cool. There are also some unique natural attractions like Muir Woods. Mt. Diablo is underrated, BTW. If you climb to the peak you can see the entire Bay Area. The higher ed system in NorCal is amazing, why no mention of that? Meanwhile, nice Chinese/Mexican/Burger/Coffee places are not at all unique to the Bay Area. Recipes are portable. Heck, In N Out is a SoCal thing that worked its way to Texas as well as NorCal. Even in northern cities with a tiny Mexican population, you can find a terrific burrito truck. Farmer’s Markets, too. I’ll concede sourdough, there’s more to it than the recipe. It’s just physically impossible to make it taste the same outside outside of the Bay Area. You need that unique climate to make it work. Being gay just isn’t a big deal. Maybe in rural Appalachia or CA’s rural Central Valley. But nearly every large American corporation sponsors the nearest big city pride parade. In the 1970s, The City was a great place for a runaway homosexual kid to escape the homophobia of their home towns. But it was also a refuge from overpriced housing in big cities out east. Those days are long, long gone.  San Francisco today reminds me of NYC in the 1970s. A fantastic place to be wealthy, kinda sucky for everyone else. There’s a lot of (perhaps justified) self-congratulatory sentiment about the dominance their ideals in pop culture. But those ideals are now accessible outside of the Bay Area. What else ya got?

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