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These Guys Tried $2 Eggs, $19 Eggs, And $95 Eggs And Their Findings Were Sp-egg-tacular

"If it ain't yolk, don't eat it."

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As far as foods go, I'd say eggs are pretty darn cool. I mean, they're easy to make, have countless variations, and pair nicely with mimosas (which is very important). So Steven and Andrew set out in Los Angeles to try three very different types of eggs at three very different price points:

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The first place the duo hit up was Lao Tao, a Taiwanese street food restaurant, where they tried an Oolong tea-flavored egg. They paired it with the house's ginger limeade with organic chia seeds.


The next spot they went to was Connie and Ted's in West Hollywood. Here, they tried the restaurant's peeky toe crab and lobster omelette (which Andrew washed down with a delicious mimosa, because why not?).

The last, and most expensive, restaurant these fellas tried out was Mélisse in Santa Monica, where they ordered the spectacularly ornate truffle egg with a Meursault Les Narvaux chardonnay.


Though everyone loved the truffle egg at Mélisse, the vote was split between Andrew, who voted for Lao Tao's deliciously spiced hard-boiled egg, and Steven who voted for Connie and Ted's "heavenly cloud of egg."

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