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This Guy Tried Not Giving A Fuck For A Week And It Turns Out It's Fucking Awesome

"Realize that you deserve to be the VIP as much as anyone else."

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Meet Jared. Jared is pretty self-conscious, and his friends describe him as someone who is "very aware of the perceptions that people have of him." So Jared decided to hire a lifestyle coach to help him boost his self-confidence. For an entire week, he had to complete various tasks to encourage himself to NOT GIVE A FUCK:

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Jared explained that his insecurities really set in during high school. He was slightly heavier then, and when he asked his crush out, he was told, "I would love to date you...if only you lost like 20 pounds."

His new (sexy) lifestyle coach, Gianni, let Jared know that confidence mostly comes from the energy you exude through positive thinking and body language...NOT your physical appearance.


He did have one interaction, however, where someone told him to mind his own business. Jared was taken aback and reverted to his worrying ways. Luckily, Gianni was quick to remind him that "no one can make you feel inferior without your consent." OK, OK, so that was Ellie Roosevelt...but...same point.


And the last challenge? He had to throw a party! AND actually interact and be talkative with people. At first, Jared felt a lil uncomfortable:

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Check the background, though — everyone is SMILING! See, your worrying is all in your head.

He started to loosen up and have fun! He even noted that while his new outfit helped him feel confident, once everything got going, it didn't matter what he was wearing, because everything fell into place. Cheers to that!

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