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    Do Women's Menstrual Cycles Synchronize When They Live Together?

    “If you touch someone, it’ll happen.”

    View this video on YouTube / Via BuzzFeed Blue

    Just the other day, I found out that it's some sort of well-known thing that women's periods synchronize when they live together. Um, WHAT? Okay first, how is that even possible? And second, is this something that all women just know and accept? I had so many questions and so little answers, so I made this video to find out the answer.

    First, I asked some co-workers. Five of them said yes, one of them was as clueless as I was, and one of them said no. / Via BuzzFeed Blue

    "Maybe my body was just craving some structure that Hillary's body could provide."

    But nobody really understood the science behind it, so I contacted a local OB-GYN. He said that there's no science that backs this claim up, and all the studies that did prove it have shown error in their experimental method. / Via BuzzFeed Blue

    "Given that there's no solid evidence, I would have to say no at this point."

    Well, apparently there's no conclusive evidence. But my curiosity was killing me. I needed to collect my own data. I needed to know if this was true! I figured if there's any girls in the world who are synchronized, it must be sorority girls. So I went back to college.

    I first asked the four ladies I visited whether they were synchronized. They all told me, "yes."

    But I didn't know if they were just saying that or if there was confirmation bias in play. I threw a curveball at them - I had them write down the date of their last period, so I could determine truly how synchronized they were.

    Their responses rocked my world. / Via BuzzFeed Blue

    They were literally all within one day of each other!

    HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! / Via BuzzFeed Blue

    So you know what? Even though the science doesn't completely back it up, I really want to believe it. It seems like all the anecdotes I heard (except Linda) and the data I collected point to the idea that women's menstrual cycles synchronize. And even though I may never understand why, I think that's pretty cool.