Steven Leider
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    • Steven Leider

      This story is really disturbing. Arne Duncan, the Secretary of Education, says the change is merely to give the government the clearest possible picture about students’ familial resources…but that doesn’t ring true at all. Same sex couples and their kids are disadvantaged in thousands of ways by the lack of access to both state and federal benefits due to DOMA restrictions (think of the extra income taxes - usually very sizable amounts! - these couples pay because of the imputed income that domestic partner health insurance represents - if they can even get domestic partner health insurance! Or, the thousands of dollars in attorney fees these couples have to spend to draw up legal contracts to replace the usual protections automatically afforded by marriage. Or, the fact that only one parent in these couples gets to claim the student as a dependent, or a thousand other forms of discrimination and disadvantage, the list is endless). This is the government gaming the system…one more time…against same sex couples. This totally sucks. And I’m not even a parent or in a domestic partnership!!

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