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Women Try Pooping For The First Time

"How do I know when it starts?"

We all know that women don't poop — how gross would that be?!?!?! LOL! We asked them to try it out and their reactions were PRICELESS.

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"Pooping" is something a lot of men are familiar with, but women less so — we never even talk about it!

Some of the women didn't even know the right words to use!

And when they learned what it was?? HO BOY!

Women are used to just walkin' around never smelling bad and always being perfect and clean.

And then...IT HAPPENED.

The roller coaster of ~their first poop~ was both adorable and hilarious.

Women are too delicate to poop most of the time!! These women were so brave!!

Final thoughts: WOMEN DON'T DO GROSS SHIT.