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    For Everyone Who Sucks At Remembering Names

    "Hey! ...Youuuuu..."

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    For everyone who sucks at names and uses abstract things to remember people... this one's for you.

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    When you suck at names, you develop nicknames based on people's features or where you saw them...

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    ...Or based on their accessories.

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    Do your phone contacts read like you're going through random ads on the side of a website?

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    OK, this is getting out of hand.

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    At the very least, you can pick a nice feature to remember these nameless people.

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    However, you might want to try to remember your good friends' names. Although, pet names for a friend are always adorable!

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    Er, almost always...

    But when you don't even have a bad nickname for someone?!?...

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    Time to give up!

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