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Apr 4, 2016

This Steak Made By "Donald Trump" Just Shut Down The Tasty Kitchen

Make steak great again.

No one knows steak like Donald Trump. That's why we enlisted the help of "The Donald" himself to give us the rundown on his famous T-bone recipe. This is gonna be huuuuge!

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First things first, ALWAYS wash your hands.

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Clean hands = clean steak. It's as simple as that.

Then, you gotta take a moment to get to know that beautiful piece of meat.

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You want to know your steak like the back of your hand.

Next, slap on some of that world-famous Trump Rub.™

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Don't be afraid to get your feet in there!

And don't forget to always give yourself the credit you deserve.

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You're doing great!

In your downtime, you can take care of other counting money!

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Time flies when you're counting all your coins.

Congrats! You made steak great again!

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