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When I Saw My Rapist Again

Warning: This video contains sensitive material related to sexual assault.

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One out of six American women have been the victim of an attempted assault or rape in her lifetime. This video provides a chilling depiction of what it feels like to live in the same world as your rapist, and how it feels to confront them:

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Being a survivor of a sexual assault is something that you carry with you every day.

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And for many survivors, it makes public spaces that once felt safe, no longer feel that way.

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If you still are in the same social setting as the person who raped you (and felt like you couldn't come forward), it may be hard to just get through the day without thinking about them.

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And while talking about your experience may be difficult, the people worth being in your life will unequivocally believe you and support you in whatever way they can.

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If you have been a victim of sexual assault, please contact your local authorities or the National Sexual Assault hotline at 800-656-4673. To see a list of resources in your area, please check here.