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    The History Of The Dick Pic

    This is the story of fuckboy meets girl.

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    Ah, the dick pic. What better way to express your interest for someone than by sending them an ill-lit, poorly angled photograph of your genitalia? So, we decided to trace back the origins of the earliest dick pic and find out how it came to be:

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    Leading this highly historically accurate* lesson is none other than critically acclaimed** Professor Mike Kellerman.***

    *Not historically accurate.

    **Not critically acclaimed.

    ***Not a real professor.

    Our story starts with Richard Dicky Jamenson, a civil war photographer and early fuckboy. Dicky first conceived the idea after getting greatly intoxicated and lusting after a woman whom he described as "handsome."

    And what better way to show his devotion than by preserving a photo of his member and sharing it with the object of his affection?

    What's that you say? There are a multitude of better ways? Oh well, let's not get off topic.

    So, we sat down with with the great, great, great granddaughter of Marigold Livingston (the dick pic recipient) for an exclusive interview.

    Rebecca Livingston seemed somewhat unimpressed with Dicky's technological innovation, as well as, um...little Dicky.

    The picture was also accompanied by a "love" letter of sorts that read, "U up?"

    In Marigold's diary she recalled sharing the photograph and note with her close friends.

    Luckily, we were able to track down Marigold's original response to Dicky in our vast archives. It reads:

    After close examination of Marigold's response, we can conclude she was less than impressed with Dicky's act of love.

    And that, friends, is how the first dick pic came to be.

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