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This Guy Trying To Avoid Spoilers Is All Of Us

All spoilers must die.

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In this modern age, it is imperative that you learn to run from spoilers at all costs, otherwise perish.

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We've all missed an episode of our favorite show from time to time, whether from drinking too much before watching or just too busy living life.

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The next morning, though, listening to the radio is definitely not an option on the commute.

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When you get to work, you have to make sure to avoid the guy who always talks about your show. Dammit, Jerry! Get out of here.

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And don't even think about going near the water cooler! It's a hotbed for spoiler activity.

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Meetings? Forget it.

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And good luck socializing at lunch. This is going to be a day spent in solitary confinement until you can get yourself to a TV.

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