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Safe Light Speed Travel is Now Possible

A complete architecture that breaks no laws of physics

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The challenge with space travel is the worn and tired paradigm of using what amounts to a massive tin can with propoltion. Kudos for Captain Kirk, but frankly it's a tired and worn out idea. The secret to limited light travel is a paradigm that utilizesemerging technologies and leverages them to the task. The secret to limited light speed travel lies with the development of nanotechnology. A nanofactory has two major components. 1. A disassembler: The purpose of a disassembler is to record the pattern of atoms and create an instruction set that is saved in order to replicate objects. In conjuction with: 2. an assembler, and we have already created a plane of atoms on a copper flake. We have proven that patterning atoms and constructing objects is not only possible, but inevitable. Now add a data stream instruction set to the nano factory we will build on the moon, and something amazing happens. You know the robots on Mars, Now we can easily program the nano factory at light speed. Who knows what

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