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When Petty Criminals Try To Find Out Who Called The Police On Them.

Petty record of finding out the truth.

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Petty criminal behaviour resulting in a possible mistaken identity.

Now if you have a known or not known petty criminal in your neighbourhood you might be obligated one time to call the police out yourself because of known criminal activity behaviour going on. Needless to say if that does happen and criminal behaviour goes to far you think that you should call the police, it ends up being your own responsibility to do so possibly for your own safety or that the fact that you have to in order to be safe from anti social behaviour and safety of the public. When the police come knocking they ask questions around the neighbourhood about what happened. Needless for me to say if I was the one that called the police on the petty criminal I should not be told myself by the police to keep out of the way of a petty criminal anti social behaviour low life small time con-tactless petty criminal who is fed up and harassing everybody in there surrounding area. I think you reading this would feel the same way I would think otherwise you would have stopped reading this. What do you think a petty criminal would do about this last objective that they come across. I think not much because they would go back to where they belong. Prison which they always end up, and they should stay there out of society. If they keep being arrested they should be given the option to stay in prison where they belong. You do here a few story's about petty criminals showing up at the wrong address. A mistaken identity for a victim. Information that was given by a criminal gang to cause upset to others. An unprovoked attack on a victim caused by nothing at all. If it was caused by something it was petty. A argument resulting in threats being made to the public or the petty criminal themselves. These although could result in a mistake by the criminals are things that need to be taken in to account in society. By Steven.J.Williams.

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