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What They Don't Want You To Know About Themselves.

Criminals at the hand of there own anonymity.

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You would think to yourself in your own time that you was the only one in society that knows your every move around your own life, but that is what you know yourself and not what you think you don't know about anybody else in the world. Once this is in your mind you start to think about other people on the planet and start to wonder if they are doing anything illegal and up to no good in what they would try to say is criminal behaviour of the kind. Now keeping this in mind if you knew someone was up to being a criminal you would expect the one to behave in a criminal manor. Out of the ordinary, has not told anyone about the activity and keeping the crime to themselves. In my opinion what I know about this behaviour is that the least you know about someone the guiltier they seem to be. Or the more you try to find out about the person as an individual the guiltier they come across to you. From my experience in life people came push over people over like domino's to get them out of there way and not for the good it seems, but for the worst in life as it always seems to me. Keeping this in mind the criminal keeps being persistent in this behaviour and seems to overwhelm the citizens of the public for what they want to know. To me this tactic for criminals is the main one they use for a good go at society and not wanting citizens of the public to know about themselves in order to keep a low profile on there illegal activities. The odd behaviour of this criminal mind is a diverse way to stop anybody finding out about them in order to keep carrying out low or high class activities. Anonymity of the criminal is a class key role played to prevent anybody knowing the truth of the criminal part and you know what anonymity means for criminals, Allot of questions about themselves that they don't want anybody to know. Not just about what they look like. By Steven.J.Williams.
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