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What The Future Holds For Sound Technology Of The Future For Us All.

The sound of the future.

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Surround sound systems to portable bluetooth speaker systems.

About 15 years ago surround sound systems were state of the art technology and beginning to establish themselves in the homes of everybody in the household. Now that they are established in the home sound technology has begun to move on from that era of portable sound and static speakers around the house. As you would of noticed from enhancements in wi-fi and bluetooth capability it is now obvious to see that they are being transferred to speakers commonly to be able to purchase in the shops. In my experience with bluetooth devices I have not got any, but to keep it simple with using the audio adapter, plus as an external extra rather than using bluetooth speaker connectivity. This bluetooth wireless technology in my opinion is useless to me and can only be used from a distance sounds through the speaker being wireless. I do not use this. As speakers have become smaller in order to establish themselves in flat screen televisions they have become rather useless in there designed to carry sound to the respective audience for them to hear clearly. If nowadays you think you was buying a television for the sound you find out you are obviously not, just for the enhanced picture perfect quality that you expect, and what the television is designed for. Now the markets have been flooded with small, miniature designed speakers for the t.v's you can now buy yourself a fully loaded soundbar regarding your sound issues. I do not own one of these so I can not tell you or review it to you. Before this everybody was trying to create better sounds through speakers including myself. Now speakers have taken a new step in there activity in order for them to be more interactive to the listener of sound produced. You can now be more interactive with it yourself. Asking the speaker for the time, to read out the news, say the weather, sports news or even tell you the time. So allot a speaker can do at a costly price of over £100.00 pounds. You should ask yourself if you need this kind of technology and question yourself if you want to buy one and weather you will use this technology in the modern world. The speaker can do allot for what it is but will it be a complete annoyance like unwanted calls on your personal home phone with company's trying to sell you something. Will the modern speaker of today be a complete annoyance to your whole family? You should make this decision for yourself as I have not bought one yet for the price of the product it is selling for. By Steven.J.Williams.

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