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The police are the force of authority. No one can tell the law what to do.

Police have already enforced the law around the world in our society. Why should the public citizens enforce there own law to break the polices.

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As you would have seen from the title of my article nobody tells anybody what to do, but when it comes down to the police and trying to get people into trouble to inform the police, people don't like it. Enforce of authority by the police engages this behavior from the public perception of don't tell me what to do, you can't tell anybody what to do. I feel that people should no and get to understand that our own human rights guard that we have all apon us can intact be broken by the law of inforcment and by that I mean the police whether we all like it or not. By this I mean if the public citizen has human rights but then so does the law abiding police officer of our world. So if you think the the law is breaking our human rights who is the public citizens to break the law. In today's modern world there is a strong balance of power between the police force and public citizen that needs to be accessed to everyone. I think you would agree with me in this one. Wheather a country has guns or does not it is still a balance of power of my rights to think we can all do whatever we want in society. This by meaning is why we should not need this balance in our world society. What I think topples this balance is the use of smartphones with video footage for protection of the public citizenship. The recording of such encounters with the law enforcement is bizarrbizarre in my opinion due to the overbalance of power between the to. These such encounters with the police to probe the conversation can cause irritation of parties to overreact with each other causing them to the inappropriate the moment into thinking the police themselves are not abiding by the law. Also this tactic police do themselves to the citizen.

If this moment becomes out of hand you will begin to notice that you maybe in the wrong due to careful awareness of what the public citizen is saying and could be in even more trouble than you yourself possibly even thinks. This is because of an overreaction that can happen from the police if they do not want to be recorded by the public citizen for there own protection from the law enforcing police. By Steven.J.Williams.

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