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The Design Of Gambling Machines To Play.

A vast variety of gambling games you think you can take advantage of.

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Gambling being an issue an the high street.

With so many gambling machines around the corner and even more than there ever used to be including the internet and the high street, the machines can have heavy consciousnesses on the public domain in the areas that they are placed on the high street. Even though gambling can be quite fun in the end you know that it is your own money that you are feeding to the machine at all times. It can be easy to get lost in these attractive machines with the variety of colourful games and how attractive they are. That is exactly the point I am trying to make. Attractive games with animation makes the games seem more playable than they really are. While if you had a non colourful poor graphical game to gamble with which some of them are you won't find them great to play. It's exactly how I see these machines gambling as we all like to play. Animations of gambling can be more attractive because your waiting for the reels to lock and win a prize. Exactly waiting time for the animation to play giving yourself the win. Waiting on these gambling machines can take a while and even while you are waiting you are spending money to try to win the money you already lost back. I think this is a main factor in these machines that I think the creators manages to establish there own-selves a win over the players. While in my opinion I don't regard gambling machines to be a game of a playable chance and not even a game at all I feel that they are there to mostly eat money away and upset people in society in all areas of the country. While I have no experience at being a gambler I have had some where I have thought that the machines has taken my money for basically free. Though the machines say they are random of chance, I feel that they are not. In regards to a loss of your own money you will start to have this feeling. I feel the machines already know who has won previously and stops anybody winning anything a while after. This tactic can not be regarded as a random feature as the machine knows this has happened. By Steven.J.Williams.

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