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Take a break from modern technology.

The way to do it is to stop using it.

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Technology will always be with you no matter what you do.

When our modern technology takes hold of us in our everyday lives we feel like we need to turn a blind eye to it. This is because we rely heavily on our technology the human race has created. Although we need to clean it up from time to time, for instance all technology created from unused space satellites and older tech everywhere that is older ready to make way for next generation technology we start to create. Obsolete energy sucking technologies that need replacing now also you can find in your household from years ago, you can see them around but keep them for remembrance purposes other than useful purposes for use. You should keep them. Sometimes with mostly new tech such as nowadays technology for example, it takes our lives to the world of the internet as it as never been used before in regards to our entire lives being out there for everybody to see. Maybe it's also a great thing than ever before knowing that people know that you yourself are there for everyone to see. In regards to people knowing certain information, that is what the profiles are there for. People knowing your information, knowing what they are reading on your profile whether it is the truth you are writing or play fun for what you want people to think is the truth, lieing. This is when you feel the internet world has grabbed you and sucked you in to the darkness of technology where you feel the only way to stop lieing on websites is to stop using technology. Computers, Smartphones, Kindles and Nano watches can all have the same effect of thinking you have pressed for a function to work and you think it's not working until you realise you can't wait any longer and decide to give technology a break for a while and stop using it. Though you know it will always be with you no matter what you do to try and stop using it. By Steven.J.Williams.

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