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Our Own Paper Wasted By Our Own Earth Trees Destruction.

It's all our own fault about to be seen.

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Binned paper, is it a waste of trees, can be useful if kept.

When you all think about the paper that is wasted in our day to day life and activities, for the most common one you can think of your own letter box. It's not everything you would think of and the last thing you would even think of, paper trash coming through your own letter box that you all put straight in the bin. In my opinion paper now is the most extensive thing that is being wasted in populated areas around the world, and as we take this for granted everyday of our lives we know that it is a waste everywhere not only in our own bin. I have always know this myself growing up and this is how I feel towards this paper in the bin. I know you all feel this way to. Sadly knowbody on earth is not doing anything about this hassle of a wasted paper being thrown in our bins, and sadly the company's that send us this wasted paper know that most likely will be thrown in the bin by most of us. Though what is printed on the paper means something to somebody, it's great to look at but in the end will be thrown away. I don't think anybody can do anything about this as the company's know this to. That's why they keep sending waste to us. Company's do send e-mails to us that helps them lower paper waste material through our letter boxes. This is a way that they also use less paper but still decide to send them to us anyway. What do you yourself think about your paper, do you keep paper stocks around your own home because you are afraid to bin them, do you plaster paper as wallpaper because you are afraid to wallpaper yourself, do you use paper as carpet to walk on, are you yourself obsessed with not binning paper and have to keep it for yourself. Who knows about the things that anybody does. Who knows about you. By Steven.J.Williams.

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