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Killer clowning around. It's not a joke, anominity, the criminal at it's best.

Dressing up as a clown. Or even a clown mask.

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Can you even get clowns that look happy. You decide.

Anominity, a form of protection from the public and a way to address ones self to the world we live in. Can sometimes be useful to basically anyone, but the last thing on anyone's mind that you would expect is the nasty look of a clown mask or suited costume, and also the desire to purchase such gross costume. The clowns are from the circus and a circus act not basically anything else of such desire to anybody which is where you would expect to find them anywhere around. Going to great lengths to ruin the not so much loved clown of the circus to turn them into nasty cruel looking creatures not from this world is taking an almost frightened circus clown into a killer one. While the main weapon of a clown is a balloon, criminals have changed hand to basically any weapon available from the weapon industry and for them to used for a clown weapon of inventory. This is a great opportunity for criminals and excuse to use the not so much loved balloon circus clown for criminal circumstances and anominity protection from smartphones and tablet video footage to commit there crimes of passion. When you get to see clowns in this manner they do not look cute to the minds eye which makes the clown seem to want to scare people away and give people balloons as a gesture for approaching the clown at all. The criminals should not use clowns in this way as if to say they were never popular anyway. By Steven.J.Williams. It's bad to see a clown in this way but even badrr to see them when they are aware you are there.

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