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Hackers Delight At The Hacked Company.

What the hackers do after they are all done.

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What We know all about you now.

It's not that hardly anybody you or I know who is about to hack a company for revenge. It's the planning of the planned hack you would think takes time to be planned and for the go ahead to be signed off for an otherwise embarrassing moment for the victims of the hacked content to be found out about from the victims past history is what you and I would say was history and the past already written. So when the hackers decide to hack they think that they already know the past of someone before they even decide to hack. You would think that the hackers could target certain individuals, and I would say I think they can. The major hack can be truly unsuccessful in the making of and end up being completely useless unless the hack finds out information that can be used for blackmail circumstances or other information that the hackers need until they use blackmail for the victim to come forward in future time. In this was the hackers would truly be successful in my opinion. Once the information is there's for the taken they can then store the information for a future date depending on timing circumstances. Hacking around the world is a serious criminal offence for criminals who obviously are criminals with history. Hacking takes anonymity seriously for organised crime in respect to the hack which can be unsuccessful or successful in the giving time for the hacking group. Will they celebrate afterwards, who knows. What I do know is that I have no idea how they would make the hack public and who knows the information the hackers have on the victims that the hacked info is even true or not, but just false allegations that permit the hacked content success. You and I who are reading this don't even know how to hack, but what we do know about the hackers is what they don't think we know about them. Anonymity for criminals is exactly what a criminal is. By Steven.J.Williams.

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