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Feeling That You Have The Whole World At Your Fingertips.

Modern age in thinking we have control.

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In the modern age that we all live in today is an age of inspiring control over what we do in regards to the only thing that allows us to think we have control over the world is the internet over the world. Nowadays it is allot easier than ever before to share anything we create to anyone anywhere on the planet. This is manly because of the whole internet experience that technology has given us that poses ourselves to establish ourselves and profiles to the world. As you are reading this you are thinking the same thing that I am thinking, where about's in the world are you writing this article from. I can think the same about something that I am reading. Somebody being famous for working hard is different from somebody being famous for no reason what so ever but to explain to people why they are. For example the internet is a great way for people to become famous themselves from working themselves. Is everybody trying to be famous on the internet? I don't think that they are. I feel that people want to establish themselves on the internet with there own profiles from social media and beyond in order to let themselves know that they have the world at there fingertips and nobody can tell them what to do. That's the best part about the world that we all live in at this moment in time for everybody. People feel that they have done enough themselves and need a feeling of gratefulness in there work accomplished by themselves to let people know what they have done to deserve this feeling. We all know with separate profiles on the internet websites that we feel established on the internet forever and I think that it the way it is going from here on out. By Steven.J.Williams. I hope you feel the same way that I do.
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