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Early Robotic Signs That Robots Are Already Taking Over The World.

The advert calls nobody has any control over.

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Robotic thinking for the first time in our homes.

Now the most annoying thing that happens these days when you buy an brand new personal computer is that the internet you use does not have any control over the power of adverts that is streaming down to your own computer for you to activate. I have found that when I have always had a new computer that I am then using it allot because it is new and fast ahead of time than the last one. When you first buy one you firstly set it all up for use. When you realise that it is in fact an new pc you then begin to wonder why you are suddenly being overwhelmed on the internet with advertisement adverts coming out of know where and find you have hardly any control over them. The whole idea of an advert is to advertise, there are plenty of other advertisement standards out there but it seems the internet has the least cheapest expense out of all the rest. Firstly how would the advert know where my computer is for it to become visible on my computer. You would think that the advert would know that I don't want it after I have clicked off of it in time, or even just once. So why is it the advert keeps being persistent in continuing to stream down to my computer when I have already got rid of it? Maybe the answer is the advert does not even know and keeps sending it self down to me. It is an annoyance to everybody who now owns a personal computer. They then think that people want these adverts coming down to advertise the product when they are not even interested in buying them but continue to come down. I think this is the very first sign of robotic thinking of some kind in advert streaming where the advert does not know that the user does not what the product, and a poor windows glitch that should of been explored more. By Steven.J.Williams. This is not an advert.

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