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Black out on vhs tapes and DVD's CD's for no price but no price in the end.

Make way for modern downloading of movies and television series.

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Technology prices come down over time.

In today's world of information technology at it's best. The way it is these days is far futher advanced than we could imagine in regards to tablets, video games consoles and smartphone beyond all our dreams. Today although we still all have to pay we can buy movies off of the internet to our consoles and tablets and watch again and again, but to say the market is still in tact and better than ever is infact the truth. Though top prise for downloaded content is the same as retail sale for movies it is the same for downloads to. Getting this content cheaper is not easy even for television series to be downloaded. We never would of thought of this tactic if the internet was not available to any of us. Intact we would of not thought of this at all because internet has advanced to such a level that we can use it for information downloading. Nobody would of thought of this when DVD's first came to market as they would not have known anything else about where to start downloading from. Vhs videos are obsolete technology that don't hold any value to them as well as DVDs. By new successors to DVDs like blu-ray discs, they hold some value to them beyond these previous markets. Value in such technology's if not all of them goes down over time due to advanced technologies of the present day and beyond which is why in my opinion we all should just wait for the market to come down on technology before we all invest our hard earned cash on them. What we have as memory's that we have produced for ourselves on vhs video and created our own DVDs for memory purposes hold significant value to ourselves or even anybody else if they want to be nosy in the process of burgling somebody's house. Its not that someone would have that opportunity and time to sift through somebody's home personal movies during a burglary. Talking about old vhs tapes of cartoons and home personal holidays, why would a criminal be interested in them. By Steven.J.Williams.

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