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Bad Neighbours Of Which They Think Your Afraid. Part 2 For Them All.

Your neighbour in which they think your afraid of.

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The way you bad neighbour behaves is the way they don't want you to think they do.

I'ts not as if you will be trying to find out about you neighbour any time soon. Or not even at all, but when the police ask you for evidence of your neighbours intentions of the harassment they have been planning, you get the feeling that you are not up to it at all. After all your neighbour all ready thinks to themselves that they have the upper hand. Let's just say your neighbour is completely fed up has not got anything to do and is a complete misery for who they are like, they want you to feel the same way that they do. That has been your neighbours plan from the get go. It does not matter weather you have moved somewhere or the bad has moved to you. It will always be this way for them. What do you think goes through there mind of fed up, out of there head and absence of thought. Maybe I am about to tell you, and this is it. The thought of your neighbour is this. They are not playing an instrument on the front porch or the back garden, never have done, They are not eating in front of you only in there own house which they like to call home, They are not acting strangle regarded by themselves there own actions for anybody but the victim to see, They are not leaving there house only to go shopping or not at all, just get it delivered, They apparently are not waiting for you to respond to them, they are not waiting for there bulling behaviour at school to come back and haunt them because it is already in them, They are never waiting for you to come home from working hours, They are not waiting for the best opportunity to harass you, They are not waiting for you at all. In my opinion this is what I can say about your neighbours and I think you would agree with me on this one. From all those programs I have watched on television I can now tell you the truth about them all. It's easy is-ant it. They are also waiting for the opportune time to back stab you in the back so they will seem to get more satisfaction from this motion of effect. Maybe your neighbours are insane and out of character which what they would call themselves are, but in the end they are there to stay. They feel that they have complete control over all of us but it is them after all. They know themselves and not to you. It's always there word against yours, remember this fact they know of so profoundly. By Steven.J.Williams. You could call your neighbour this word. Zombie.

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