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All The Things That You Will Not Do Buy The Time You Are 32.

These are things that you will almost forget to to buy the time you are 32.

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Do you think these are the things that I used to do?

In your early 20's you are in control of you life, but you start to find that the things that you are doing takes control over your life because you are doing to many activities. You feel that you need to slow down and step out of your 20's daily routine and stop to think that you yourself are doing to much and need to slow down. Even though you have control, you don't have control over the world itself, and the world seems to catch you a drift from your routine and starts to make you wonder if it is time for a change to your life. By the time you reach 26 your body is telling you to slow down a cut up your age 20's activities and it's time for a change. You will not do as much cleaning of your own room as you used to, you will not do this daily and you will find that these activities is a big burden on yourself to do because people in there early 20's find that they need to do this. You will no longer have a boxed dvd collection of classics in your room piling up and a digital surround sound system around your bedroom, also a cassette player you would have ever used in the first place. Your classic cd collection will be wiped out of site because you would have got so tired of changing cd's for your portable Walkman on the run and you would have got tired of so many things that you would have used to do in your early 20's. You will feel the need to stop having so many things such as, a portable cd walkman, a surround sound system, a cassette player never used, cd boxes and dvd boxes, polish, framed posters for the present time. You will find that the years start to pass so quick that you have to change with the years. It would feel that it is difficult to do and find yourself not doing the things that you used to to. As you find yourself growing up to your early 30's you will find yourself thinking about your past experience of your life in your early 20's and wanting them to come back. Though you will find yourself doing the same things again that you did back then but in another time in your life. By Stevn.J.Williams. You will never lose your life. You will never lose the activities that you used to do.

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