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After You Are 25 you feel you want everything for a year, but know you will not be able to.

This year you will like for imagination. Everything you want you can't except what you have.

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Your greed, envy and pure jealousy will take control of you.

When your most fun years of your life pass, you realise that you want more for yourself other than everything else. Everything else such as what you feel that you want. Material merchandise you would want to collect if you had the money for. All this stuff bought would build up and your money will go low and cause everything that you bought in the end that you wanted will vanish because you could not afford those things in the first place but wanted them anyway. You are finally bankrupt and realise what you wanted was not what you wanted at all but could not except this fact because everybody finally knows this in the end. You except what you have and not anything more that you think you wanted because you browsed through a catalog imagining what it would be like if you bought the the things that you thought you wanted from it. Needless to say you reading this are thinking that, well that's what he must of thought about. I would say you are right. If you think you will one day not feel this way at sometime in your lives then you are mistaken to say the least. Everybody feels that they just want everything at some stage. The truth is no matter what you want, it's best not to have it at all. At all because of feelings that might follow you like greed, envy, pure jealousy and money spending bankruptcy. You will end up this way regardless of your income and ungratefulness of your spending. Once you have it all you will be so afraid to lose it all which will cost you dearly in regards to personal well-being and health issues ariseing from trying to keep it only for yourself rather than others not knowing your own problems. You will flash your bank cards around complete stranger's not knowing what you are even doing. Brag about you new car, such as BMW. Throw your car keys around trying to give the impression that you just bought it. Be unpolite to people and think you can win a court case even though there will never be one. Not say thankyou and be aragant towards others, that way they will know you have everything you ever wanted possibly from blood money not inherited money. Your bad deeds of greedy money will back fire on everybody because you would not be able to make that king of money locally other than from criminal activity's from your past. By Steven.J.Williams.

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