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A Dozen Things You Will Not Notice When You Go To School Anymore.

These are somethings that I know of and your about to know.

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Somethings you will not notice at secondary school anymore.

For all of those who are about to start secondary school you will not notice these things anymore. Firstly it is daunting to start a secondary school and you will find yourself unfamiliar with the pupils around you and you will end up running from classroom to classroom following fellow pupils to there lesson. Or maybe I was just the slowest in the pack myself and I was the one following. Needless to say these are the things you will know longer notice at school. The main things. Large desks put together to make a huge desk to work around, a black board the teacher writes on with white chalk as a writer, a personal open top desk that even I didn't have when I was at school, Possibly a stall to sit on which gives you a higher height level. Large computers that take up a meter in length. Possibly a laser printer as I only had two or three in the school when I was at school. The bottom set of pupils that are a bit slower than the rest of the pupils and need a bit of guidance. Trust me these classes are almost empty which is great. A less complicated personal organiser which tells you where the class rooms are where you should be heading to be taught. Trust me to these were so difficult to use and the planner for my school was completely useless I had to end up asking other pupils where my classroom was. That's how useless it was for myself can you even believe that. I was always the last person to be the last one to end up showing up at the wrong class room. I hope you yourself do not have these problems that I had with my experience at secondary school. Not that I would know that these things are not in your school anymore as I am know longer at school. Let's hope you have a great personal organiser and don't get lost with the map they give you of the school layout as I did. By Steven.J.Williams. You can do without any bubble gum under tables as well, let's hope you don't have any of that either.

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