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14 Of Your Favorite Movie And TV Filming Locations And How To Get There

Summer road trip, anyone?

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1. Much of the filming for Spider-Man Homecoming took place in Astoria, Queens in New York.

In the most recent and most important Spider-Man reboot, Peter Parker is shown sitting on a fire escape catching up Tony Stark on the superheroing he did that day. In the background we can see the Empire State building glistening just around sunset. But where was this exact shot taken?

It's located on private property, so the best way to see the set -- which is now a museum -- is to get a tour from Hobbiton Movie Tours.

Once you get there, you'll be taken by bus to the sets that were left behind from shooting, where you're allow you to walk around and see Hobbiton up close.

Where you're going, you do need roads: Head to Roslyndale Ave in Los Angeles for a picture in front of the McFly's.

Full disclosure, this is a residence. If you're going to make the trek, be respectful to the community!

Plug "Cathy's Corner" into your GPS app for that perfect spot.

Here's a fun fact if for you: the crew had only two days and a 30 minute window each day to film this scene. The director Damien Chazelle wanted the scene shot with the California sunset as the backdrop of the scene because of its unique lighting.

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