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14 Emotional "Lost" Scenes That Will Make You Want To Go Back To 2004

Let's just all be thankful Vincent managed to survive.

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14. When Rose and Bernard were tearfully reunited after a season apart -- and a season of thinking each other were dead.


Rose and Bernard were two characters that we didn't get much screen time with over the first season and a few episodes in season 2 before their reunion. But we had already fell in love with both of them. Seeing them in the situation of not knowing if the other is alive is something none of us would ever want to go through and that's what made this reunion so much more emotional.

13. When Locke's father schysted him out of a kidney and abandoned him.


It was going so well! There's probably not a moment in the show when you've said this more than when John met his father. Talk about pulling at our heart strings! Just when John gets a little happiness, Anthony Cooper cons him out of a kidney. But I'm still not sure what makes me cry more: watching Locke be broken by Anthony, or Locke's wig in this episode.

12. When Hurley asks, "Where's Charlie?" and he realizes he'll never see his friend again.


They were the dynamic duo. Throughout the show, we knew that Hurley and Charlie were truly great friends, which is more than you can say for most of the characters. Seeing the emotion on Hurley'd face the moment he learns of Charlies death destroyed viewers. Hurley had just ~lost~ his best friend and we weren't ready to see Hurley so broken.

11. When the episode "Stranger in Strange Land" aired and we all cried because of the terrible writing.


"Stranger in Strange Land" is to Lost what "The Fly" is to Breaking Bad. For the first three seasons there was minimal speculation about why Jack had the tattoos he did. Much like when fans asked for more stories on the survivors in the background of scenes, the results the writers gave us was something that we really didn't want. Many people were afraid that this was the moment where Lost had "Jumped the Shark" because this was such a bad episode it made people cry. Regardless of the terrible episode, though, Jack's tattoo says, "He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us" and it is the perfect backstory in the grand scheme of Lost.


10. When "The Constant" wrapped time travel, death, and the great love story of Desmond and Penny into one 42-minute episode.


What else could you want from an episode? Hearing Desmond's happiness when he realizes Penny kept the same phone number all those years was something that brought tears to the cry-deniers. In that moment we all knew who our "relationship goals" was and would always be the love of Desmond and Penny.

9. When Ben Linus thinks he's protecting the island by denouncing his love for his own daughter -- but she winds up being murdered anyway.


This sadness wasn't as much for Alex's death, but for the lengths Ben would go to protect the island. The death of his own daughter wasn't going to be something that got in the way of what he had to do, and in the end he lost her. Ben struggling to tell Keamy that Alex means nothing to him is a scene full of pity for a man playing a game with the one person he truly loves. In the end, the bad guy did exactly what he said he was going to do. Ben's realization that his daughter was dead is a truly crushing moment, especially for a character we hadn't previously seen as emotionally vulnerable.

8. When all of the crash survivors reunite during the final season's "flash sideways."

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Some of the most beautiful scenes came from the survivors finding each other in the flash-sideways world, where they all needed to find the people who were there at the most important time in their lives. The show ends with these characters coming together and finding the people that made them not seem so Lost, so they could all move on to what was outside those church doors. If that's not the most beautiful thing I've ever heard, I don't know what is. As for the most emotional moments of all, I'm looking at you Juliet and Sawyer! Thanks for the waterworks!

7. When Sayid reveals that his wife Nadia died.


It was the event that sent Sayid on a murderous James Bond murder spree. A bunch of time on Lost was spent slowly telling the story of Sayid and Nadia, and what they had been through and the love Sayid still had for her. But we quickly found out that not all reunions have happy endings. After getting off the island, we find out Sayid and Nadia got back together only have her be hit by a car and killed. This brought about a deeply emotionally Sayid, which was one of the hardest scenes to watch. But hearing him talk about her and the anger he felt about her death was something no one in this world ever wants to experience.


6. Whenever Michael Giacchino's score for "Life and Death" played.


If you don't know what song this is, take a minute to listen to it now. Michael Giacchino's "Life and Death" is the score behind every heartbreaking moment on the show. It's a score that can immediately bring back the immense sadness you felt watching all the scenes on this list. I, for one, have requested to my friends and family to play it at my funeral. Is that cruel?

5. When we thought Jin was alive until the epic gravestone shot at the end of the flashback/flashforward episode.


GOD DAMN YOU, LOST WRITERS! We all watched the episode "Ji Yeon,"

in which Jin tracks down a stuffed panda presumably for his and Sun's baby. And we also watched as the writers pulled out emotional carpet out from under us to reveal that the episode was part flashback and part flashforward. Jin was truly dead. Seeing Hurley, Sun and newly born Ji Yeon standing over Jin's grave is heartbreak at its core.

4. When Jack, the man who wanted to save everyone, couldn't save himself.


Having the show end the same way it began was something of beauty. But with that beauty came the emotion that was saying goodbye to Jack. None of us were ready to watch him stumble through the bamboo forest to the "Life and Death" score. No matter what anyone thought of the later seasons of the show, this really hit home.

3. When Charlie put out his palm to say "Not Penny's boat."


With all the ups and downs Charlie went through, it was redemption in the end that won. But even sadder than the way Charlie died was the people he left behind on the Island. Charlie taking a big breath of water and sacrificing himself for the others is one of the most selfless acts on television.

2. When Juliet is dragged down a shaft and Sawyer's hand can no longer hold onto his love.


Even in a moment of being so afraid Sawyer can't help but call Juliet "Blondie" as he's trying to grasp for her hand to save her from the collapsing Pre-Swan Hatch. In this moment Sawyer realizes that the happiest time in his life is coming to an end and he would do anything to save Juliet and continue their time together as he begs, "Don't you leave me!" If this scene didn't shake you to the core emotionally you have no soul.

1. When Jin says "I won't leave you" to Sun before sacrificing himself so she and their baby can live.


Jin and Sun reuniting became pretty common over the course of six seasons. But Jin learned his lessons from all those reunions: he simply didn't want to leave Sun, not even when it meant being stuck on a submarine. He was going to give up the chance to ever meet his daughter and die with his wife before he would ever leave her side again.

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