Steven A.
I'm not Hindu. It's not barbecue sauce, miss waitress, nor is it spray paint, officer. It's not a tattoo, paint or a scrape. It's a birthmark.
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  • Rape Face Tats Go Indie

    One of the hottest trends in rap culture today is the face tattoo. Lil Wayne shows his sensitive side with some well-placed tears, Gucci Mane relishes in his three scoops and sugar cone, and Rick Ross recently joined in with the word “Cazal” plastered below his left eye. Inevitably, this fad will trickle down to other popular genres — so we took the liberty of imagining our favorite indie rockers with their own face branding. Open the flipbook for a look into the future.

  • Top 5 Hip-Hop Blunders of 2009

    This year, we’re counting down the five biggest blunders in the hip-hop world, the moments that marked a real-low point for hip-hop and its followers, and, in many ways, for America at large.

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