Steve M.
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    • Steve M.

      It wasn’t Dolan pettiness (and I HATE James Dolan). It was Jeremy Lin’s greed. He could have been a Knick and was given a huge deal from the Knicks. Instead he went back to an offer from Houston that could have never been matched by the Knicks. It would have been worse than the Amare deal and they would have been destroyed by the luxury tax.  If you are a true Knicks fan, you’d know that it was A’mare — for all of his faults — that brought pride back to Knicks basketball. He chose to come here. Chose to join a horrible team, and was the impetus for other solid players — Ray Felton, Melo, JR — to come here as well. It was NOT Jeremy Lin that returned basketball pride back to NYC. He may have brought the global media back but not pride.  Also, he stinks. Yeah, he smoked us last night, but when all is said and done, any NY Knicks fan would prefer Ray Felton to Jeremy Lin over the course of an entire season.  I think he deserves a few boos for his greed. He had no right to demand nor expect the Knicks to match that “ridiculous” offer (in the word’s of Melo). What he did over the course of 10 games is unparalleled in the history of sport. It was exciting and electrifying as Clyde would say. It was also a flash in the pan for a player who will never rise to those heights ever again because of a limited skill set.

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