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The Best BuzzFeed Longreads Of 2012

Words! Glorious, wonderful words.

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If you're burned out after a long week of talking, or not talking, to your family, or even from looking at adorable photos and GIFs on the Internet, perhaps we could interest you in a select handful of the exemplary longform stories BuzzFeed has published in 2012?

From an epic meditation on the complicated legacy of Mitt Romney's father to the travails of underage runway models to the craftiest of apocalypse profiteers to the science behind chill-inducing tunes, these stories reflect the range of topics and ideas of interest to us, and, hopefully to you. Enjoy 'em, share 'em, enjoy 'em some more.

Happy reading and Happy New Year. And much, much more of this kind of thing to come in 2013.