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    • stevei5

      And that is their fault too. They’ve had since 2005 to put in paid episode and subscriptions for podcasts, lots of people have wanted them, they never did it. They missed an income stream. There were ways to deal with “non-professionally” produced content and the legal issues that may throw up, but they chose to just do nothing.

    • stevei5

      Google was killing that product, though we did not know that at the time. There were and are better products available on Android now and there were then too. So it was no great loss to be honest, though I agree they could have moved quicker to shut the product down, rather than keeping people hanging on in the hope of an upgraded app.

    • stevei5

      Apple has made some major mistakes that on the surface may appear small. When podcasts startedIdownloaded them via various programs and dropped them onto iTunes soIcould listen via my iPod. Then iTunes started doing podcasts andIused that up until last year when it became just unbearable to use anymore. At the same time the music app in iTunes also became very unstable, especially when iTunes Match was turned on, so it had to be turned off, negating the point of iTunes Match. When Amazon brought out there cloud music serviceItried that and while it wasn’t perfect it isaLOT better and hasaLOT fewer crashes than the built in Apple Music app. SoImoved to use Amazon instead.Ithen gotaNexus7tablet asIliked the size and it wasahell ofalot less expensive than the iPad/ possible iPad Mini (at the time) andIdiscovered DoggCatcher which is an outstanding podcast app. SoImoved to use that for podcasts. AsIwas using Amazon for musicImay as well just use both on Android and thats whatIdid…..Apple was out of the loop, totally in justafew weeks. They had fallen behind, they had lost the plot, missed their own goal of being easy to use and “It just works” reliable. Since thenIhave purchasedaNexus4at half the price of an iPhone5and have many more options open to me.IWASatrue Apple fanboy, but, as with Microsoft back in the day, they let me down…..badly and there was something better….soImoved to it.Idon’t hate them,Istill have an iMac, the AppleTV went andInow haveaRoku whichIam much happier with. They are just focused on creaming off as much money as possible by doing as little work as possible. That never lasts. Never. Many have tried, all have failed. They need to pick up the ball again and run, they can beat the rest, but only, ONLY if they TRY and they are not doing that right now. So good luck to them, butIam no longer in the market for their mobile devices.

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