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    • stevec49

      This is an unnecessary article. We all read that some schools would get the service for free and that some would have to pay a subscription. It was very clear in the description and also clear in the awards for giving amounts. I think it is great that a for profit company wants to take on changing or helping the education system. If it makes a profit, perhaps more companies will take on education, as well. It was never stated that anyone would get a tax benefit for their pledge amount - this is an investment in a company that wants to bring a beloved show to an app in schools. I see nothing wrong here and the only thing that makes me angry is that the writer tries to shame the company. I’ve worked in the non-profit field for 18 years and we run on money, too, but as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, donations actually go down because it was always the poor and middle class that gave the most to charity (sited at bottom) so many non-profits are going out of business (they are also shamed for paying their employees well). The result is that we will just have fewer non-profit orgs. and the many of people running them will be wealthy people who want a hobby and don’t need to get paid. That usually does not result in the best person for the job. I’m happy to support Reading Rainbow and if the app is to have value, schools will need to pay for it. Sometimes when something is free, it is taken for granted. Why the wealthy don’t give to charity:

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