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5 Pitch Perfect Gifs On Why Multitasking Sucks

Not only does multitasking make us less productive, it may also be lowering our IQ and overall efficiency and attention at work. Here are five points to prove multitasking is a myth.

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1. Why Multitasking is Shitty

Our brains are not equipped to handle more than one task, specifically when the tasks require any expansive thought or time. This does not mean that you can’t do many simple tasks such as loading the dishwasher while talking to your friend, but you can’t do tasks such as driving a car and talking on the phone.

2. You Should NOT Start & Stop

Neuroscience research tells us that the brain doesn't do tasks simultaneously. We just switch between tasks quickly, starting and stopping to do another task. It's less efficient and we make more mistakes.

3. Stop Splitting Your Tasks

It is proven that it actually takes more time to finish a task when you keep splitting your time between 1 or more task. Up to 40 percent of productivity can be lost while attempting to multi-task.

4. Set Time Limits

When we attempt to do many things at the same time it gets complicated. A way to reduce complications is to set time limits for each task and focus on just one task at a time. It's completed better and faster with less energy.

5. Silence your phone while doing a task

Turn off the audio and visual cues that alert you to the presence of more information to help you remain focused on the task that is on hand, especially when driving.

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