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15 Random A$$ Things Learned in Psychology Class

Psychology is an interesting topic filled with a lot misleading and confusing information. In my psychology class we have been learning the truth on different topics revolving around self help.

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1. Damn, Take A Breather and Relax

Experiencing stress is normal and happens to everyone. Some stress can even be beneficial. However, too much stress can be harmful to your health. Not only can stress alter your body on the inside, but it can also prematurely age you. Under eye-bags, puffiness, acne, and hair loss are just to name a few.

2. An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Having an unhealthy lifestyle can cause inflammation of the brain and body, which leads to depression. Depression and pain go hand in hand, which can be very exhausting. They are separate thing but both are caused by inflammation. Inflammation is caused by digestive imbalances, having lots of refined sugars and foods high in acid will lead to inflammation, changing your dietary habits to healthy more hearty foods will increase both mental and physical health.

3. You Can’t Do Everything at Once

Our brains are not equipped to handle more than one task, specifically when the tasks require any expansive thought or time. This does not mean that you can’t do many simple tasks such as loading the dishwasher while talking to your friend, but you can’t do tasks such as driving a car and talking on the phone.

4. What the Hell Were You Thinking

Your brain can be a very complicated organ, so it is important to be able to understand the way it works and how to control your thoughts and actions. We think fast to accomplish routine tasks and we need to think slow in order to manage complicated tasks. When thinking fast we immediately go about some things without reasoning first, and when thinking slow affects our bodies, attention, and energy.

5. There Are Some Nights You Wish You Could Forget

Why have a memory when you can just google everything for the answer? It's too simple to nowadays to not have a memory. Just ten minutes of social interaction can improve your memory. A healthy body supports a healthy mind and good memory. Puzzles and mnemonic devices are good tools to improve your memory.

6. If You Want Something Done, Then Go out and F#cking Do It

In your mind you come up with plans to better yourself and thrive in life, meaning you have to break some bad habits at times. Through operant conditioning, people and animals change their behavior through rewards and punishments. Find a system that motivate you.

7. Stop Dicking Around

The Golden Rule: You can't extinguish a bad habit, you can only change it. Putting trust in yourself that you can do it. The first way to do that is managing your time better. You misprioritize things that in the end are not productive. You also like to waste your time playing on your phone or browsing the internet!

8. Get Over The Little Shi+ and Be Happy

We create “what if’s” in our head that hold us back from reaching our future goals and creating happiness, due to events in our past. we believe mistakes in the past will affect our options in the future. Put yourself and your needs first, things you never would’ve noticed can start to make you happy if you change your perspective.

9. For Heaven's Sake Don’t End Up Like Your Parents…

Sike!! No matter how your parents treated or acted towards you as a kid it is inevitable you’re going to end up very similar if not the same as them. Knowing that you are going to be like your parents work hard to be like the pros of your parents and don't take criticisms personally. It helps when you approach a situation with a rational mind and look at every perspective.

10. And Get Yourself Some mother F-ing Help.

EFT therapy approach is a way for relationships to use the attachment bond and seven conversations you need to have as a way to create a more loving relationship, and this is not just used with a spouse, but also with families and even for oneself to help figure out how they connect with others.

11. Show Off Who You Really Are

The three types of willpower are,“I won’t” power, “I will” power, and “I want” power. All three types build the type of person you are. Knowing the “why” provides the most solid foundation for reasoning and allows for a stronger “will” based power. You have two selves that influence your actions, a conscious one and an automatic one. Knowing those can help you to better decide how you will live your life.

12. Don’t be a square open your mind up to changes.

Start fixing yourself now by watching Dweck’s TED talk . You can approach the world either having a growth mindset or fixed. People with a growth mindset perform better at school, sports, work, and relationships than those with fixed mindsets. Simply learning about the growth mindset can dramatically improve the way you approach challenges and improve your life

13. Attachment Is A B!tch.

It is natural for humans to become attached very easily. We attach ourselves to other people, pets, or objects. The way you were raised with your relationships between your parents or parent like figure, creates the way you view love and is why you get attached the way you do. Anxious attachment, independence attachment, disorganized attachment are styles that influence the way you behave in your romantic relationships and how you find a romantic partner

14. That damn devil…

The most common social dynamic is peer pressure because of the power of multiple people persuading you, it is easy to conform and be obedient. We have a tendency to follow anyone that acts like an authoritative figure. Sometimes we even take the devil as an authority figure and let him convince us to do things we know not too.

15. By God, Please Stay Kind

As humans it is expected that when you do something kind, you will receive a kind act in return. This is the rule of reciprocation, and it is shown through kindness and trust. Just don't let yourself get caught in a situation where you are being taken advantage of for your kindness.

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