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23 Thoughts You Have When A Celebrity Starts Following You On Twitter

Today, you are no longer a mere civilian.

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1. "My existence has been acknowledged."

2. "The escalation of this friendship is overwhelming."

Columbia Pictures / Via

3. "He favorited one of my tweets!!!!"

4. "All of my friends NEED to hear about this!"

Fox / Via

All of my pre-school friends should expect a friend request and a direct message by the end of today.

5. "I should rewatch every show or movie that they've ever been on."

Nickelodeon / Via

6. "They value my opinion and want to hear more from my marvelous mind."

NBC / Via


Universal Pictures / Via

8. "Why hasn't she replied back yet?!!!!"

Cartoon Network / Via


NBC / Via

10. "Don't scare them with your rabid fandom. Control yourself!"

11. "Must delete ALL embarrassing photos!"

12. "He doesn't do Follow for Follow or Follow Fridays."

NBC / Via

13. "It's only a matter of time before their celebrity friends start following me too."

14. "Maybe I DO have a chance with Katy Perry."

15. "Was my talent just discovered?"

NBC / Via

Could I be the next Justin Bieber...minus the douchiness?

16. "He only follows 50k people? That's only 5% of how many people follow him."

CBS / Via

17. "If you weren't a fan of them before, you're a fan of them now."

18. "Shit, the wrong Hemsworth is following me..."

Paramount Pictures / Via

19. "I need to think of something witty to tweet now."


"Hey, thanks for the follow :)." ~GASP~ NOW SHE KNOWS I HAVE TOO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS.

21. "There's a chance it's not their social media team tweeting on their behalf."

New Line Cinema / Via

22. "Is there room on my resume to include 'Followed by Justin Timberlake' under 'Accomplishments'?"

Columbia Pictures / Via

23. "I'm basically a Z-list celebrity now."

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