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    19 Spectacular Cat Houses Made Entirely Out Of Cardboard

    All you need is cardboard, a utility knife, and a way to draw your cat away from the cardboard that you'll transform into an architectural masterpiece.

    1. This cozy townhouse

    "Hey you! Get off my lawn!"

    2. A house with a quaint design with excellent attention to detail

    It even comes with its own mailbox!

    3. Escape domestic life and become one with nature with this log cabin

    4. This spacious tipi is best suited for communal living

    It's perfect for mothers who are expecting litters in the next few weeks.

    5. This castle tower fit for a princess

    "'re not the handsome, heroic prince I was expecting."

    6. An ode to hamster tunnels

    7. "The Honeycomb Terrace"

    8. One thing's for certain about this house: It will never have a mouse problem ever again.

    9. A castle of fortitude and regality occupied by a feline who shares those very characteristics

    10. An entire condominium for new cats who are just entering the housing market

    Atop sits the landlord, keeping watch over his real estate empire.

    11. A red brick house that the dog can't huff, and puff, and blow down.

    12. Summer vacation is never complete without a visit to this two-storey cottage home with a rooftop patio

    13. A bungalow with the grooviest rooftop in the neighborhood

    omg DIY cardboard cat house!

    Claire D@hearthandmadeuk

    omg DIY cardboard cat house!

    11:30 AM - 21 Feb 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    14. Dogs aren't the only ones who can make a doghouse work.

    15. What used to be an ancient royal palace has since been remodeled into a lovely home for a family of Siamese cats

    16. The 1 bedroom igloo aka "The Bachelor Pad"

    17. Newly built house for this tuxedo cat

    "They said they'd come between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.. It's 6, where the heck are those movers?!"

    18. A minature Palladian house created for the architect at heart

    Which was modelled after the real deal here

    19. Nothing like climbable roofs to finish every day with the most glorious view of the sunset on the horizon

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