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TwentyFive(ish) Times You Wanted To Trade In Your #Adulting Status For A Bop-It Or A Skip-It

Let's face it, adulting is hard. We went through decades of schooling only to be thrown out into an unforgiving post-grad world filled with bills we can't pay, time we can't manage, and student loans that might as well be grimm reapers knocking on our fifth-floor walk up apartment doors. The good news is, we're all in this together. You aren't the only one sweating out last night's happy hour at your desk the next morning. Here are TwentyFive(ish) Times You Wanted To Trade In Your #Adulting Status For A Bop-It Or A Skip-It:

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3. When you put two socks in the dryer but can only find one

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Is this where my clothes go to die?

6. When you do everything you can to avoid doing the dishes

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Cracking a frozen pizza in half BEFORE it goes in the oven saves a cutting board, a knife, time, and resources! GENIUS!

8. When things you have watched your Mom do your whole life seem impossible

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10. When you realize how much you dread the 1st of the month

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Water… power… insurance… Netflix… rent… Which of these can I live without? Who even needs hot showers?

13. When your friends make an ass out of you without even trying

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What do I have to do to get some #respect around here?

18. When you login to your LinkedIn profile to *insert exaggerated job title*

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I am doing this to make myself seem important while also explaining why it’s completely valid!

19. When you decide it's time to work on "bettering yourself"

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How did I end up in this hell?

25. When you just need to vent about #adulting with other people who feel your pain

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Check out the trailer for the new web series, TwentyFiveish!

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