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13 Times That Caroline Forbes Has Been Awesome So Far This Season On "The Vampire Diaries"

In honor of The Vampire Diaries star Candice Accola (King’s) wedding this weekend, I figured it was a great time to reflect on the evolution of Caroline Forbes.

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Caroline started off as Bonnie and Elena's third-wheel friend with a judgmental know-it-all attitude. She lacked self-respect, as she shamelessly went after both Stefan and Damon, who clearly only had eyes for Elena (as most men/vampires do on this show). But something really awesome happened as time went and on once Katherine (not so nicely) turned Caroline into a vampire as part of her escape hatch selfish plan to turn Caroline over to Klaus as part of the Sun and the Moon Curse sacrifice. Caroline become, well, awesome. With Stefan's guidance, Caroline easily became one of the best characters on the show. With an ability to practice self-restraint, she became self-aware and full of honesty. We see Caroline more or less cycle through her relationships with Matt, Tyler and Klaus (to be continued?), but it's her feelings for Stefan, evolving from Season 5, that have led us to witness the most dynamic Caroline has ever been on this show. Her feelings seem to confuse and terrify her, leaving her as an emotional wreck at the start of the current season (Season 6) but her way of confusingly conveying her feelings has brought us back to Season 1 of TVD, when the show was driven by raw human emotions and connections. And it's great. Here are 13 times that Caroline Forbes has been awesome so far this season.


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When we found out that she was hanging out with her mom, Sheriff Forbes, all summer long on the border of her anti-magic hometown Mystic Falls. At least someone was holding onto the memory of our favorite place.


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When we listened to her leave endless amounts of voicemails on Stefan's phone in an attempt to convince him to come back and help her save Bonnie and Damon from 90's hell. She's the one trying to hold everyone together. I like this Caroline.

Fellow TVD fans, this felt very Season 4 when Caroline would leave voicemails for Tyler without him ever returning her calls, right?


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This scene where Caroline was on board with Elena's plan for Alaric to compel away all her happy memories of Damon. Instead of inserting her own beliefs per usual, Caroline tries to think of what Bonnie would say to make Elena feel better.


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This hurt though. Poor Caroline and excellent emotional scene by Candice. I love this weird friendship.

Side note - why is it that Elena NEVER realizes when her friends are upset. I love you, girl but come on.


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Caroline realizing what should have been so obvious the whole time but was hidden so well by the TVD writers. Compulsion is magic which means Sarah remembers.

Sarah's "OMG" when she sees Elena swim up to her and Jeremy makes a lot more sense after watching the episode again.

At least our girl is finally enrolled back in college! Bring on more awesome Caroline moments, Season 6!

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