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    10 Things Everyone Is Hoping To See In "Girl Meets World"

    The spinoff of Boy Meets World begins in just a couple of weeks. Let's hope we see a few familiar faces in the new show.

    1. Lots of Fe-he-he-he-heeny.


    Because even though it realistically wouldn’t make sense for Cory and Topanga to run across their 80-something-year-old former teacher after they moved from Philadelphia to New York City, it just wouldn’t be the same without everybody’s favorite mentor and advice-giver.

    2. A new set of lackeys.

    3. Finding out what became of Eric Matthews.


    Did he make it big in Hollywood as the “good looking guy” detective? Become a weather guy? We just want to know what happened to the gullible goofball.

    4. Insec-hair-ity.

    5. The transformation of Minkus.

    6. The return of the Halloween episode.


    You know the one – the gang gets trapped at John Adams High and they have a murder mystery on their hands. A revival of this horror spoof would be the perfect way to pay homage to BMW.

    7. Heart-to-hearts with Cory and his parents.

    8. Teachers who follow students to every grade.


    If Mr. Feeny taught the same students from grade school through college, does that mean Cory will be his daughter Riley’s teacher every year? I mean, it’s not like that’s completely unrealistic given the size of a school in New York City or anything.

    9. Flashbacks of the Topanga and Cory love story

    10. Shawn and Cory bromance.


    Years later, will the best friends share the same dynamics that we saw at John Adams High — Cory keeping Shawn in check when he’s making a bad decision and Shawn reminding Cory to lighten up? Here’s to hoping the pair’s friendship is still going strong.