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    25 Must-Have Items To Make This Your Best Summer Yet

    If you need me, I'll be floating away on my new inflatable lounger (so plz don't).

    1. This Aesthetics Rx Ultra Protection Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide.

    2. This Pampelle Aperitif that pretty much sums up summer in one tasty bottle!

    3. These stylish shades, if you're in need of an upgrade.

    4. This UPF 50+ sun canopy that will create shade wherever you are on a sunny day.

    5. This nourishing St. Botanica Body Shimmer Oil for a healthy full-body glow.

    6. This insanely gorgeous sparkling water maker, that'll keep you hydrated all summer long.

    7. This inflatable pool if you don't want to endure the struggle of finding parking at the beach.

    8. This menstrual cup that will be your saviour if you happen to find yourself travelling, partying, camping or frolicking at a festival at that time of the month.

    9. This sparkling saver that means you can enjoy a bit of bubbly, even if you don't have anyone to share it with.

    10. This paint by numbers canvas so you can enjoy some well-deserved time off with an activity to do in the sun.

    11. These armpit pads that will keep your sweat from staining your shirts.

    12. Or this clinical strength roll-on deodorant, so you won’t have to keep your arms glued to your side or refuse to take your jumper off.

    13. This magnetic phone holder for your car, which will make road tripping so much easier.

    14. This photo printer, so you can relive all your summer mems on your collage wall.

    15. This wave-enhancing sea salt spray if you’re after that effortless beachy look.

    16. This multi-tasking Charcoal BBQ because it wouldn't be summer without an outdoor barbie!

    17. This embroidery kit that'll help you remember how good it feels to not be looking at a screen and doing something mindful.

    18. This bottle opener and catcher set, which will save you from picking up bottle caps on your hands and knees after a weekender.

    19. This foot peel mask, which will make your calloused and dry feet (after wearing nothing but thongs all season) as soft as a baby's bum in a week.

    20. This hydrating facial sunscreen by Ultra Violette, because sun protection is just as important as moisturiser, especially in warmer months.

    21. This insulated picnic backpack that will keep your feast cool and comes with everything you could possibly need for an enjoyable outing.

    22. This electric mosquito swatter, which also works for the pesky flies we have to deal with the vast majority of the year.

    23. This outdoor umbrella that will keep you nice and cool under shade while you enjoy the ambience of a sunny day from your back patio.

    24. This inflatable pool lounger so you can float your way to pure relaxation.

    25. And finally, this insulated beer cooler that conveniently fits both cans and bottles and will prevent your cold drink from turning into a warm cup of tea.

    Your blissful life after treating yourself to the above.

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