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    We Spoke To A Sex Coach For Her Tips On Spicing Up Your Solo Valentine's Day

    Goodbye sadness, hello pleasure.

    Hands up if you've made yourself feel bad by scrolling through endless pics of ~happy couples~ on Valentine's Day?

    For my fellow single folk, the heavy weight of loneliness and that familiar flood of emotions is no stranger at this time of year.

    Which is why we sat down with NORMAL's certified sex coach, Georgia Grace, to learn how to make the most of Valentine's Day ON YOUR OWN. Get it gurls (or guys, or theys — solo pleasure is for all!).

    1. First thing's first, don’t let being alone make you feel alone.

    2. Pour your heart out. Put pen to paper or slap every key aggressively.

    3. You saw this one coming...Take yourself on a date.

    4. Don't be afraid to play (and save 30% off toys while doing it)!

    5. And finally, remove all expectations and do absolutely nothing.

    Eager to make Valentine's Day even more pleasurable? Explore NORMAL's range of sex toys and enjoy 30% off until V-Day.